Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Embroidering for the Women of Juárez with students at Athlete high school

Monday I went to NTG-u, a high school for athletes. Sixty, 15 year old boys and girls spent three hours embroidering and focusing their attention to the women of Juárez.
It was such a good experience. Although embroidering beeing very new to many of them, they all made one label, some made several.

The labels came out beautiful and very individual looking. Some spent 2 hours finishing, having the needle continously fall out, getting knots on the thread and so on. But it got finished! One made a beautiful hearth at the end of his unknown label,...several skipped the break to embroider some extra.They expressed thoughts about the names they were embroidering.

We listened to Mexican music, and lyrics made about Juárez. Thursday I am going back to the school, working with sixty 14-year olds. Looking forward to it!


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