Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Desconocida Unknown Ukjent showing at SOFT gallery, Oslo

Desconocida Unknown Ukjent has been presented in Norway for the first time, as a solo exhibition at SOFT gallery in Oslo. The show opened August 21st and was up until Oct 5th. It was well received, with many visitors as well as many participants in the two embroidery workshops held during exhibition time.

For the exhibition in SOFT gallery I chose to present the project with emphasize on workshops and documentation. Photos on the wall and in folders, text and a workstation for embroidery was filling the space. The embroidered labels were this time presented on the wall in small envelopes, installed as a timeline, each envelope addressed to where the workshop had been held, one envelope for each workshop arranged globally.I screened two films in the space, one on a computer being Missing young woman by Lourdes Portillo. The one projected on the wall was Threading voices the documentary film I have made about the work that is done in Juarez to empower the women in particular.

An important focus in this exhibition has also been the arranged workshops we hosted. Two evenings people came together for embroidering, conversation and to see the film by Lourdes Portillo Missing young woman. Both workshops were well attended. Some has also sat down to embroider labels on their own while visiting the exhibition.

The show was seen by a professor and curator from the University College for the Creative Arts in Epsom, UK. She is now working to get the exhibition to the university gallery, the plan is to show the work in a solo exhibition there beginning of February 2009.
Before this opening I will work to improve the documentary film I have made. I find the film to have its main structure in place, but it needs to be refined. Working hard to get funding for this. I also would like in this show to present my performance as a soundpiece to remain in the gallery room for the duration of the show.

Next week I start touring youth schools in Akershus, Norway, with the project. After Christmas about 2000 young students will have been embroidering the names of the victims of Juarez. Each participating school will also make an exhibition at their school of the labels they have embroidered. I am excited to start this work and look forward to collaborate with so many young people!

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