Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update on the current situation in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

I spoke with Marisela Ortiz, the leader of the organization Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa yesterday and she shared information on the current situation in Ciudad Juarez:

Since spring 2008 the military have had a strong presence in the city due to the war on drugs. Maybe one could think that this would provide more safety for the population, but this is not so. More than 2000 complaints have been raised against the military's behavior and violent abuse of the people it is supposed to serve. The complaints is of rape,murders,innocent people being beaten up...and where is the complaints leading? Who should they complain to?

The situation for the women are worse. In 2008 130 new women were found brutally killed. So far in 2009, 35 young women have been found killed, 25 more are missing. Many of them in their teens. Two of the women murdered, were teachers and activists, known to help families of the disappeared women. They were found more or less executed. Of course the level of fear is rising. Marisela says, this is what the killers want, a society in deep fear not using their voice to protest. The organization refuses to follow this and continue their strong and load voice of protest.

Unfortunately the news media are very quiet about this side of the situation in Juarez.



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