Friday, August 18, 2006

Another day embroidering with students

Thursday I was back at the high school. The 14-year old boys and girls worked just as hard as their older schoolmates, embroidering the names of the missing and dead women of Juráez. One of the students wanted to involve some other friends outside school and her sister. They worked concentrated for a long time. One boy was sitting a bit apart from the others. When I asked if he needed any help, he said no and showed me a beautiful label embroidered with cross stitches he had learned as a boy from his grandmother! They had many questions regarding the situation in Juárez.
After more than 2 hours work and everyone dismissed, one student didn't want to leave before his label was done. He sat in the empty auditorium while I packed down my stuff, and finished his third label.
Thank you 9 and 10 graders, you have done a wonderful job! Lise


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