Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Embroidering with students at Middle schools outside Oslo

Since October I have been touring to Middle schools in Akershus, around Oslo with Desconocida Unknown Ukjent. The tour is part of a cultural program initiated and run by the Norwegian Government called "Den kulturelle skolesekken" (translated it is something like "the cultural backpack")where art in many different forms are brought out to students at schools in all parts of our country.

So far I have been visiting three schools and it has been really interesting.

The first school I went to I embroidered with all the students at the school, 170 in total, through several 3 hours workshops with 20 students in each workshop. The last day a group of 9 students made an exhibition of their embroidered labels. This will be on display at their school until February 2009. The students had all seen Bordertown, a Hollywood film based on the situation in Juârez. They were active in our discussions, some groups more than others, but every student embroidered name tags and did such beautiful work!

At this school they choose to install all the labels forming three hearts, the middle heart with a cross in the middle. One group of students wrote a short text to present the work.


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