Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art March and performance in relation to Ni Una Mas exhibition May 15th at 3 pm

The curators for the exhibition in collaboration with Drexel University and Amnesty International arranged an art march to protest the situation in Ciudad Juarez. The march went from the Armory to the Gallery. Around 700 people participated, majority students, the girls in pink t-shirts, the boys in black. The girls were given one name each of a murdered girl in Ciudad Juarez, during the march they shouted the names at the same time, creating a sound that carried all the names together. The Dean of the university, the curators, Amnesty international, Marisela Ortis from Ciudad Juarez, and activist and writer Diana Washington Valdez all held appeals. After the appeals I performed my voice performance Presence, where I hold tones long and high in combination with silence. It was a powerful experience to be part of the march and an important start of the exhibition.


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