Monday, September 06, 2010

Exhibition opened at Hå gamle prestegard

Desconocida Unknown Ukjent opened Saturday at Hå gamle prestegard. I had great help installing, particularly by Veronica Lozano and due to her help the installment went easier than my normal experience can be.
Just before the opening the other artists opening their exhibition CULTEX also at Hå, sat down and embroidered a label each. Two of the artists are from Japan. In Japanese to tell that a person is dead they have a special word describing the person to have become a star in the sky. They embroidered this word on the label.

I was glad to see that the table for embroidery was in use most of the time during the opening. Some brought labels with them home to do there and send back to Hå. Among them was a boy, age 6. He found a name he liked and colors to use and with help of his mother he would sew a label. He promised to write his name on the back so I could find his label. The following day I had a workshop in the gallery room, also well attended, several families visited and sat down to sew.

Next Saturday, Sept 11th, another workshop will be arranged, hosted by Veronica Lozano. She is originally from Mexico city and can contribute her deep knowledge of her culture to the presentation.

Thank you all for participating in the project.

Best Lise


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