Monday, February 06, 2012

Norma Andrade in a new attack on her in her home in Ciudad Juarez on Saturday

Urgent Action: Mexican human rights defender Norma Andrade has been attacked again. First time was in December. She was seriously injured but was forced to leave the hospital and go into hiding due to death threats. She was attacked again in her home yesterday. Sign this petition urging Mexican govt to provide her protection and proper medical care.
Norma formed an organization together with Marisela Ortiz River, Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa to fight femicide after her daugher was murdered and is now being targeted for this work.
Please sign the petition from Amnesty Mexico (in Spanish) through this link: ¡Actúa! - Activista atacada continúa en riesgo.
In Musèe Bernadotte there are action cards ready to be sent to the Mexican President. Take on or many and give to to others to send to protest!
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