Saturday, August 26, 2006

New groups included, report from groups having embroidered labels

I still get emails several times a week from people wanting to participate in the project, which is wonderful and the essence of this project. This week three new groups are in place, one in Argentina, and two in Oslo, Norway. Another group is waiting for material in Lofoten , North Norway.

The groups having held the event, express feeling being involved and engaged. Also that it matters and can help make a difference. In North of Norway, 24 people got together, including children to embroider labels and discussing the situation in Juárez. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, two particpants had been marching in Juárez two years before to protest and show support for the families. They contributed information and knowledge to the discussion.

News about Juárez states that 2 people in Arizona are taken into custody, maybe having been involved in the murders. A reporter in El Paso times and writer Diana Washington Valdez has just got her book out: Harvest of women, a book about Juárez. In an interview with her on a radio station in Houston she talked about how reportes and activists had been treatened after showing support. She believes in a binational effort in order to solve the cases.


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