Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Embroidering with students at Middle schools outside Oslo, continues

The next school I went to was in another part of Akershus. Here I only embroidered with tenth grade students. Again very interesting days for me, also the fact that I travel to so many areas of my own city, an hour drive outside to places I have not been before and I meet young people living outside the city. It brings different points of view into the discussion although they all share being young in Norway. In this school, the workshops went also well with engaged students, but I experienced preparing for the exhibition specially good.

The group of students here decided to install the labels in three symbols: the symbol for piece, a reverse triangle as a symbol of women and a circle as a symbol of the earth. They titled their project: Piece for Women on Earth. While we prepared, some were ironing labels, some where cutting fabrics to make the background for the symbols, and others again were writing texts. We talked about abuse of women in general, if Oslo was a safe city to move around in, about how wrong it is to blame the women, and moved into minorities and difficulties arising from this. We shared thoughts from homosexual adopting children to greek mythology and women's position in that society. The last part due to one student's extraordinary knowledge of this topic. She was sitting with big dangling piece symbol earrings speaking of women's right with such clarity and knowledge. Inspiring!!


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