Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two workshops held at Hå Prestegard

Since the exhibition opened Sept 4th, two workshops have been arranged in the gallery room by Veronica Luzano. She is living in Nærbu,Jæren and working at Hå Prestegard, but born and raised in Mexico city, Mexico. In the workshops she shares deep knowledge of her country and culture. I am so glad for the involvement she is showing and her continuing wish to bring more people involved. I was back at Hå last weekend and was so glad to find so many labels being embroidered.

At the moment I am preparing to travel to Pallant House, Chichester to install Desconocida there for the opening of the exhibition Contemporary Eye, Crossovers with opening October 1st. In Chichester the public have been invited to embroider labels throughout the summer. And I just learned that more than 350 labels have been embroidered! That is great. I look very much forward to come and install the work.

More photos when I start in Chichester will come.

Thank you.

Best Lise


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