Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Installation in progress at Pallant House Gallery. Chichester

Dear all and particularly all embroiderers in Chichester.

I arrived in Chichester on Friday and as I entered the gallery I saw that everyone at the reception desk was embroidering a label. What a welcome! And what a response from the community in Chichester and around - 550 labels have been embroidered here during the summer. Fantastic! Thank you so, so much.

I have spent most of the hours here in Chichester in front of the wall getting the labels up. Today, many came to help me hammer in the tiny pins that eventually will hold each label up. In the beginning the wall or the pins were not very collaborative - for every label, three attempts were needed before the pin went in without getting bent. With more practice it became easier during the day and we are almost done now. Only a few more and to tidy up and the wall will be ready.

Thank you again for contributing such beautiful labels for the wall. I hope many of you will have a chance to come by the gallery and find your label among all the others.

Best Lise


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