Monday, July 04, 2011

Action cards to protest the continous murders of women in Ciudad Juarez produced

Dear All,

Finally the action cards are ready! The production of them have generously been supported by Fritt Ord, Farley Barn Gallery, Latin-Amerika gruppen i Norge, Arctic Paper, Norway and Otto Stenersen Print Company.

I have made two versions. One is a group of seven different cards, one of them addressed to the Mexican President, one with Spanish text addressed to the Governor of Chihuahua, the rest of the cards in this group are to be sent to friends and families to inform about the situation and invite people to take action. I have also made single cards addressed to the Mexican president.

If you would like to send the protest cards, please contact me on and I will send you cards. I hope the President Calderon and the Governor in Chihuahua will receive thousands of cards!

Embroidery workshops are still being held. Please let me know if you would like to participate in one or arrange one yourself. I will provide all needed materials.

All the best



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