Sunday, February 15, 2009

More images from the opening and the seminar

More images from Desconocida at The gallery at UCA

The exhibition opened on Feb 10th and will be on view until March 22nd. Due to the extreme snowfall in and around London it was a challenge to finish in time and have the local community engage in embroidering, but somehow it all came together and everything was in place by 6 Pm on the Feb 10th. The last labels were embroidered the same afternoon in a seminar held in conjunction with the opening and attached to the wall the last 30 min before the opening. The seminar was well attended and several different artists and curators spoke. The topic was communication through the arts of difficult themes. I will later post a resume of the discussion.

To work with Lesley Millar and her team of technicians have just been wonderful. We had some trouble to get the sound piece to function as planned, and I am so impressed by the patience and the effort the technicians showed trying to solve it. And they did, after 3 days work! And of course it was a small simple thing, such as the correct cable...
Thanks again to all contributing.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Publication "Desconocida : Unknown" made for the exhibition

For the exhibition a publication has been made generously supported by The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo, Norway, The Norwegian embassy in London, UCA,Epsom, and Arctic Paper Norway A/S, The publication will be sold with its income going to education of youth in Ciudad Juarez. Information about how to get hold of the publication will be posted later.

It is a fully illustrated publication with an introduction by Professor Lesley Millar, UCA Professor of Textile Culture, an in depth conversation between Lesley Millar and Lise Bjørne Linnert, and an essay by Professor Kathleen Staudt, Professor of Political Science, University of Texas, in which she outlines the context of the project. The images are a selection from all the images sent the artist from workshops globally.

Exhibition @ The gallery at University for Creative Arts, Epsom, UK

I arrived in London yesterday to start working in the gallery to day...but with a snow storm worse than any in 10 years everything is shut down in London, meaning I am stuck in my least I can use the time to update the blog.

Here is information from the gallery:

Exhibition The Gallery, UCA Epsom 10th February – 22nd March 2009
Desconocida :Unknown
Lise Bjørne Linnert

UCA Epsom, February 10th 3pm – 5pm

In support of the exhibition we are holding a Seminar at which we will be discussing the wider issues surrounding the communication of difficult issues and examining what constitutes effective communication. The seminar will explore a range of methods of/approaches to communication that might be appropriate when dealing with such issues. What other ways can we use to report or communicate information; to what extent can we retain control or empower, especially within circumstances in which there is an element of abuse or a sense/perception of helplessness? We are inviting a range of individuals who have pertinent experience or views about this subject to be part of the audience. The Seminar will be free, if you would like to attend booking is essential.
For further details and booking please contact Lesley Millar on

UCA, Epsom February
4th 11 am -1 pm
11th 11 am – 1pm
Lise Bjørne Linnert will be holding a workshop at which members of the public are invited to embroider nametags. The workshop will be free, if you would like to attend booking is essential. For further details and booking please contact Lesley Millar on