Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Images from embroidery in Ramallah, West bank, Palestinian Territory

Embroidery with students in Tel Aviv, Israel

Last week I went for a few days trip to Tel Aviv and the West Bank to work on several projects, but also host embroidery workshops for Desconocida. I embroidered with students at an art school in Tel Aviv, one day and two different groups of Palestinian women on the West bank a few days later. I had more time with the students in Tel Aviv and was able ot show part of Lourdes Portillo's film Missing young women andthe group moved from discussions about the situation in Juarez into thoughts of human rights in the general, the value each life holds. In Ramallah at the West Bank and a Christian Palestinian village I visited we had less time to talk, but both places I felt a connection was established. The embroidery they did was incredibly beautiful.