Friday, June 29, 2012

Wave of Violence Swallows More Women in Juárez

Article from the New York Times, pointing to the continuing murders of women in Ciudad Juaréz.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mexico´s presidental election and updates on Desconocida

The president election in Mexico is coming up: July 1st. Washington Post had a presentation of the candidates and their party. The Mexican youth protest in streets against corporate media and the PRI candidate. See the two links under for more information.

At the moment Pestalozzi Village Trust located in East Sussex, UK are involved in Desconocida Unknown embroidering with their students. The students responded with such engagement, many
wishing to carry on in smaller groups so that they can stitch and talk having seen the documentary.(Lourdes Portillo´s film: Missing young woman) More groups are getting involved in the same area, through the support of Susan Walton. I am very thankful for this! The labels embroidered here will be included in the upcoming exhibition of Desconocida in Ireland, October 5th at Visual Center for Contemporary Art, Carlow. Soon groups in Carlow will join and embroider labels in workshops arranged there. I am traveling to Ireland this summer to start off these workshops.

Thank you all for joining. Thanks to your involvement the pink wall in Carlow, will carry at least 6200 labels.

Best Lise