Monday, May 27, 2013

Another attack on women in Ciudad Juarez see link for more information. (in Spanish)

The need to continue the focus is sadly ever present...

In my studio now, I am counting the labels, preparing to travel with it to UK in the fall. The massive number of labels with all the names and the unknown hand-stitched, (I think the number will get close to 6700), has become a universal statement of the need to not forget and continue the fight against abuse and violence towards women as a global issue.

In September 2013 Desconocida will participate in two exhibitions in UK. The first one is
in London, opening Sept. 19th at One Mayfair, titled In the Name of Honor. This is an exhibition and auction in support of the Sara Charlton Charitable Foundation, which is a grant-making charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse, including honor-based violence, in the UK.  Curator is Jenny Christenson in collaboration with Christie´s London. The wall of labels will be in dialogue with a large number of international artists´ work. All are brought together to bring focus on abuse of women as both an international and national issue. In addition to the wall of labels, I will make three objects for the auction. The money raised in the auction will solely go to help victims of abuse in UK.

The second exhibition, titled Remember Them will open at Victoria Gallery&Museum
in Liverpool, September 27th. The labels will  be divided between these to exhibitions, about 3500 installed at each venue. In the upcoming exhibition in Liverpool the wall of labels will be in dialogue with Teresa Margolles site specific installations, Brian Maquire´s portraits and Julian Cardona´s photographs; all dealing with femicides and violence.

I coming to London and Liverpool first week of July to host workshops. I will post further details about where and when as soon as they are set.

Thank you.

Best Lise