Saturday, March 20, 2010

Making exhibition at Middle School, Akershus

Embroidery Middle School in Akershus

Hi all, This week I have embroidered with about 120 students, all 15 years of age, at a Middle School outside Oslo. Some of the students had some really interesting questions, among them a boy who asked how I knew they really cared? And of course I cannot know, but I believe spending time, doing something very concrete, needle and thread in your hands, can leave "a seed" to reflect over, very different from just reading an article in the newspaper. And to me that is a very good start. Some of their reflections come through when they make their exhibition. These students spent a long time writing a summary of the project, how they experienced the workshop, along with short notes on other peopleĀ“s response. It was a very good experience to visit this school. Thanks to all!! Lise