Monday, September 24, 2012

Desconocida Unknown Ukjent in An Oasis of Horror in A Desert of Boredom, VISUAL Center for Contemporary Art, Carlow, Ireland

I arrived in Carlow on Thursday to start installing Desconocida Unknown Ukjent in VISUAL Center for contemporary art, Carlow. The exhibition titled An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom, includes works of Brian Maquire, Ireland and Teresa Margolles, Mexico. Mark Mcloughlin and Lanka Haouche Perren are showing documentary films and photos from Ciudad Juarez.

The wall to hold the labels is this time 3,4 m tall and 8,8 m long and will eventually be filled with 6100 - 6200 labels. The last ones being stitched here in Carlow in workshops this week and next week. I am also waiting for labels that are being sent from UK.

I am so lucky that in addition to all the great help I get here at Visual, I also have my father with me as an assistant. Very patient and very hard working. Today we had a group of art students and staff at Visual embroidering and helping out. Many are coming back tomorrow.

The wall is up, and we have almost finished the second verse of the lyrics. ( The labels are on the wall spelling the lyrics of the Mexican and the US anthem interwoven in Morse code. )
Best Lise